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Transom Lifts

Deployment of a Nautical Structures transom lift.

The “Nautical Lift” system is a result of years of product research and development and represents the current “state of the art” in transom lift technology. The Nautical Lift Systems are built from 316L low carbon stainless steel, the most suitable material for withstanding the harsh marine environment. Component parts include stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, stainless steel braided hose sealed with an epoxy heat shrink, and stainless steel fittings. Features include hydraulic mechanical locking system, radio remote control, manual back-up pump and safety cutout relay. The finished product is sandblasted and painted with underwater primer especially formulated for stainless steel. Each unit is engineered for a specific style boat. The hull attachment brackets are engineered to provide maximum surface area in contact with the transom to minimize fiberglass fatigue.


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