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2010 is the Year of the Refit.  Nautical Structures is your reliable source for exceptional quality equipment, built to specification and delivered on-time for your refit project. Nautical Structures understands the demands on a shipyard during any refit project.  A long list of modifications and upgrades to be completed in a very compressed period of time at a very high quality standard.  Nautical Structures offers an amazing portfolio of existing equipment designs, fully engineered and ready for production.  Our design and engineering department will work in close support with the shipyard's to ensure a realistic interface with the vessel.  We can take your project from concept into production in a time-period that will assure the final delivery schedule is met.  The key to this success is the ability to select from a lot of existing equipment designs, a portfolio Nautical Structures has built over twenty years of manufacturing.  In fact, our list of developed equipment is so extensive, it will soon become one of this web site's most frequented page. 

Follow the links below and experience several notable refit projects delivered in 2010:

M.Y. Neraida Passerelle

M.Y. Neraida Passerelle

March 2010; Nautical Structures senior field service technician Rick Martin traveled to NCP Shipyard in Croatia to start-up and commission a custom hydraulic passerelle build for the M.Y. Neraida.

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